Blood Road

Month9Books, 25 April 2017

Nineteen-year-old Torien Risto has seen dissidents dealt with before. He knows the young local girl who just knifed him will hang for assaulting an Imperial officer, unless he can stop it.

Someone inside the provincial government is kidnapping Imperial citizens and selling them across the desert to the salt mines, silencing anyone who tries to intervene. The girl’s brother is one of those who has been taken. Rejected by the corrupt courts, she’s waging a personal war against the Empire.

Determined to save her life, Torien sets out in search of answers on the Salt Road, the ancient trade route running deep into the heart of a desert—territory claimed by the hostile Mayaso tribe.

Now, Torien is no longer sure where his own loyalty lies, or how far he will go to break the cycle of tyranny, political bullying, and social injustice in an empire that seals its borders in blood.

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Soviet-occupied Lwów, southeastern Poland, July 1944.

Rescued from execution by a squad of ultra-nationalist Ukrainian partisans after he shoots his political officer not-quite-by-accident, seventeen-year-old Red-Army conscript Tolya Korolenko agrees to help assassinate the regional commander of the NKVD. But somebody in the squad is slipping intelligence to the NKVD—and when the partisans find out that Tolya is half-Polish, their suspicions turn on him.

Set during the aftermath of the Volhynia Massacres, Traitor is YA historical fiction in the vein of Ruta Sepetys.


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Amanda McCrina
Chloe Virginia Photography

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I was homeschooled through high school, and graduated summa cum laude from the University of West Georgia in December 2013 with a BA in History and Political Science. I currently teach middle- and high-school English at Evangelical Christian Academy in Madrid, Spain.

My primary research interest is in the Christianization of the Roman army. My academic writing has focused on religious practice in the army, and on pre-Augustinian Christian attitudes toward war and military service. Other areas of interest include the World Wars, particularly resistance and partisan movements in Ukraine, Poland, and Italy during World War II.

I write historical fiction and fantasy, almost always against a backdrop of war and political upheaval. My writing is represented by Lane Heymont of The Tobias Agency.

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